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In times when so called lifestyle diseases are more and more common in society, it is very important to oppose them with energy and vitality. That includes all of us, no matter if you´re young, old, healthy or sick! In context with this, exercise plays a fundamental role.


Since i am a small kid, movement and exercise plays a big role in my life.

Amongst others, practicing various sports from childhood until now has brought me to what i am doing today.

Prevention holidays

As the name implies, it is about holidays or a travel in the sense of prevention of your health. As further understood, it includes any physical activity during a vacation or a trip. However, always with focus on the individual health.


Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the canaries and is situated aprox. 120 km west of the moroccan coastline, nevertheless it´s part of Spain. The mild climate througout the whole year makes a holiday with springlike temperatures possible, even in winter.

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