Pilates week with Lesano

– Active holiday with pilates und certified walking courses –


During your stay in a beautiful, typical canarian villa in the pretty village of Lajares, Fuerteventura, you will take the best out of walking in nature and activating pilates classes.

Fuerteventura offers countless breathtaking beaches with turquoise waters, expansive volcanic landscapes and a unique far sightedness, which will give you space and peace to relax and breathe. Together with a group of like-minded people, you will enjoy delicious food, get to know the island during the walking courses and improve body sensation and stability with pilates training. For the certified walking courses customers from Germany who are insured by statutory health insurance can get money back from their insurance.



08.06. – 15.06.2019


The villa is situated in Lajares, the „surf city“ of Fuerteventura.

Here you can meet surfers on their way to the surfspot, have a delicious juice or coffee in one of the little cafes, visit the handcraft market or just be part of the village life for a little while. The unique flair inspires travelers and surfers from all over the world.

You will stay together with the group in villa StayOnBoard close to the vulcano of lajares. In the villa there are 4 rooms, which open all to the patio:

  • double bedroom (double bed) with master bathroom and direct access to the pool
  • double bedroom (2 single beds) with ensuite bathroom
  • 2 double bedroom with shared bathroom

Additionally to that, there is a shared kitchen with a big dining table where you will have some meals together or prapare your own food. A cosy living room where you can take some rest after the classes or just sit to read a book. Then there is a large outside area with a beautiful pool, which can help you to cool down a bit, or you can go sunbathing on the sundbeds next to the pool. Besides, there is a built in bbq and a terrace where you can stay in the shade. For a closer look at the house, you can check the website (www.stayonboard.eu).


During the retreat week, you will enjoy every day vegetarian breakfasts and 2 vegetarian dinners. We will cook with a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and other delicious products if possible local and organic.We will prepare a delicious, vegetarian or vegan variety of food for you.

Included are

  • 7 times breakfast
  • 2 times dinner
  • drinking water and tea

If you have a serious allergy and can´t cope with some products, please let us know in advance. For the rest of your meals you can try out one of the delicious restaurants and cute cafes in the village for lunch or dinner. Additionally to that, there are many amazing restaurants in lajares, cotillo or corralejo to explore, of course we will give you tips where to enjoy the best food.



Together with the group, you will have 4 one-hour Pilates classes per week, tailored to your personal needs. Through a balanced muscle buildup, Pilates works on your strength and flexibility. At the same time, the freedom of movement of the joints is increased.

Laerke Heilmann is a certified STOTT Pilates trainer with years of experience teaching various groups in both retreats and Pilates studios. She comes from a background of dance and likes to integrate the flow and dynamic from dance into her class, without compromising technique and precision. Her goal is to pass on her knowledge in a language that everyone will understand and challenge all the individual needs of a group.


Walking as a moderate endurance acivity is the joint-friendly alternative to running or jogging. Due to the efficient rolling of the feet over the heels, joints  (knee and hip joint) are only minimally loaded. For newcomers to physical activity or someone who wants to get back into an active lifestyle, walking offers an optimal way to increase endurance and strength. The island of Fuerteventura is an ideal platform for walking, which is mainly practiced outdoors. The incomparable landscape, its spaciousness and the year-round mild climate make outdoor physical activity an unforgettable experience.

In the course you will get to know the right technique as well as different types of endurance training. In addition, the foundation is laid for independent, health-oriented training at home. The foundation for more balance in your everyday life and your fitness!

Walking is certified by the Central Testing Office for Prevention (ZPP) in Germany. They work together with German health insurances to support prevention services for primary prevention. The quality of the courses is guaranteed. The course is recognized as a prevention offer and can be subsidized by German health insurances. More information here.


After each course, there is a small stretching unit to maintain and improve the flexibility of the muscles. In addition to the pilates and walking classes, you will have a one hour of stretching with Laerke. The stretching relaxes the muscles and fascia and can have a calming and relaxing effect on body and mind.

Included activities

Fuerteventura, especially the north of the island offers a perfect platform for many outside activities, on water or on land. For example you can use you free time for a little hike exploring one of the stunning vulcanos. Included in the package of this retreat is one vulcano walk together with the group and a guide. Here you will learn sth about the islands history and the flora of the canaries. Furthermore you can attend a workshop about crystals and their effect. You will leran a lot about how, when and where to use them. If you like the crystals, you can purchase your favorites or buy a piece of the beautiful handmade jewelery.

Then there are of course a lot of activities on water and land, which you could do in your free time. We can of course help you organizing.

Extra activities:

  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Stand up paddling
  • Yoga
  • Kiting
  • Bodyboarding
  • Horse riding
  • Skateboard
  • Thai Massage
  • Private pilates classes
  • Private functional training
  • Private walking courses
  • Health coaching


  • 4 pilates classes
  • 1 stretching course
  • 4 times certified walking
  • Course material
  • Sunrise volcano walk
  • Free crystal workshop
  • 7 times vegetarian breakfast
  • 2 times vegetarian dinner
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Drinking water and tea

not included:

  • Airport transfer
  • Travel insurance
  • extra meals
  • Airfare
  • extra activities

Good to know


Airport transfer

If you need a transfer from or to the airport, we are happy to pick you up and bring you there.


Car rental 

Renting a car on Fuerteventura is a good idea. You can explore the island easily on your own and you’re not dependent on busses or transfers. Preferably directly from the airport, like this you save transfer costs.


Double room, shared bathroom
from 765 €double occupancy
  • Double room
  • 2 beds
  • Shared bathroom
  • Access to the patio
Double room, private bathroom
from 830 €double occupancy
  • Private Bathroom
  • Room for 2 persons
  • 2 beds
  • Access to the patio
Double room, ensuite bathroom
from 885 €double occupancy
  • Double bed
  • Direct access to the pool
  • Ensuite bathroom with bath tub
  • Access to the patio